The Lighthouse

Dealing with conflict with teachers, parents, and friends is a confusing maze with no exit for most teenagers. The options for escape today are many - some harmless and some destructive and life-altering. The Lighthouse is a place where teenagers can find answers and direction for their lives.

Who Are These People?

Chris and Yvonne Edgington have been reaching out to children and young people through the local church for the past twenty years. They believe that God has now called their family to lead this outreach to the young people of the Bunker Hill community with the simple mission of "Helping young people find their way."

Relax / Explore / Enjoy

The Lighthouse gatherings offer all kinds of activities - from fishing, horseback riding, basketball, and ultimate frisbee to jamming with your friends in the music studio. We provide a great place with great people enjoying great food while building great friendships!